The mission underpinning M-RHEX is that:

  • Understanding the broad scientific principles that govern charge motion in novel materials is critical to the establishment of materials design strategies.
  • Fundamental research into charge transport can be relevant across technologies: including batteries, solar cells, and electrochemical conversion devices.
  • Rather than studying materials useful for a single category of device, research will encompass modes of charge transport (electronic, ionic, mixed) in a cross-cutting way.

The project justification and objectives:

  • Connect researchers siloed in Chemistry, Engineering, Materials, and Physics departments currently working independently on Solar, Battery, and Fuel-Cell/Electrolyser technologies.
  • Coordinate fundamental materials research across the University of Oxford, Imperial College London, and University College London.
  • Feed research into studies of translational prospects at Swansea University and Coventry University.
  • Increase business investment in R&D.
  • Enable business/academic engagement.

M-RHEX is funded through an EPSRC Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.